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Foundation Programme


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Why choose the foundation programme in the UK?

The higher education system in the UK enjoys the reputation of high quality in teaching, researching and employment. But it is not a straightforward system for international applicants, that is why the foundation year becomes essential for international students to successfully progress to undergraduate study in the UK.

The one-year foundation programme not only helps students improve their English capabilities, academic performance and fit into the English culture better, but also provides a better chance of acceptance into one of the leading universities in the UK. Sinolink Education is working with Stay Campus London aiming to provide high-quality teaching, caring accommodation, embracing and diverse metropolitan culture, as well as the opportunity to experience the world leading institutes in arts and science in London, for international students who are pursuing better education and career in the UK.

What do you do during the foundation year?

The students will have the chance to explore the city and the country, to deepen their understanding of British culture and lifestyle, to have more time to visit their dream schools and prepare their applications better. More importantly, the students will need to study the essential skills of study in the British education system, and the specific profession-oriented academic modules:


Compulsory study skills modules:

Communication skills;

Study and research methods;

Team works and study projects;

English language improvement.

Academic subject modules (choose one from the following subjects):

Art & Design

Business management


Law & social science

Medical and healthcare

The programme will include two to three terms within one year, with each class being no larger than 12 students. One-to-one personal tutorials will be provided during the study to make sure the students fulfil the study task and also trace the study improvement and university application via UCAS.

What will the students take out of the foundation year?

On completion of the required study tasks and passing all exams, the students will be guaranteed an offer to the cooperating leading universities of the programme. The programme enhances the opportunity of acceptance in one of the leading Universities in the UK.

The cooperating universities include: 


Entry requirement

Language requirement:

IELTS: 5.0 / TOEFL: 40 / CEFR: B1 / Cambridge English: 154

There will be language pre-foundation classes available for those who do not reach this requirement.


Academic requirement:

Average 65% minimum for high school academic performance.

Application and more information

For application details, more foundation programmes and other information, please contact us:

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