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Doctor and Patient

“Improving patient care through effective skills and tutor based teaching”

Advanced GP Training Programme

The UK’s model of family medicine, delivered through the National Health Service (NHS) has long been considered the standard by which primary care is measured globally. 


The Advanced GP Observership Programme aims to give participants a broad understanding of Family Medicine in the UK (primary care), by looking at the GPs integral role in the health system as well explaining how services are funded to ensure that comprehensive and quality care is free at the point of delivery.


Sinolink has formed a collaboration with the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) to run an Advanced GP Training Programme. Our GP observers will spend one week within the RCGP learning UK GP procedures whilst having the opportunity to observe at London General Practice. The second week will involve a variety of business visits to local hospitals and medical institutes to evaluate the RCGP classroom sessions in real-life practice.


Upon arrival, there is a day of induction training, where the basic principles of the NHS are outlined and a cultural briefing is given. Your studies will be focused on;


‘UK Family Medicine Study’



  • Promote Family Medicine as a speciality

  • Provide a platform for Family Medicine leaders to advocate/implement improved Family Medicine practices

  • Provide opportunities for organisational and individual professional development through shared learning


Learning Outcomes

  • Develop a broad understanding of Family Medicine in the UK

  • Understand how Family Medicine is funded in the UK to ensure free care at the point of delivery

  • To understand the make up of a UK Family Medicine practice, and how the different team members work together to provide a holistic model of care



Advanced General Practice (GP) Training Programme requirements:


  • Good standard of spoken and written English

  • Have a medical or nursing degree

  • Have practised for at least 5 years following graduation

This programme is in line with the aims of UKTI (United Kingdom Trade and Investment) and Healthcare UK’s policy of promoting the UK’s healthcare sector internationally and supporting partnerships between Healthcare providers in the UK and overseas.

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