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In current times, travel to educational institutes in another country is not as simple, but the development of knowledge is still needed. Sinolink online training programmes connect participants with the most advanced online training programmes, designed by top educational institutes and tailor-made to your requirements.

Subjects offered

Museum Exhibition

culture & art

Culture and art in Europe attract countless people from all over the world to see, to experience, and to study. Painting, sculpture, theatre, fashion, design, film, photography, textile, any subjects you're interested in, you can find the best professions and institutes in Europe. And we connect you with it online.

Chart & Stethoscope


Working with several NHS Hospitals and the leading medical schools in the UK, Sinolink currently provides online training programmes in Nursing, Breast Oncology, Neurology and more. Tailor-made programme is possible.

Business Meeting


Team up with the top universities in the UK and Europe, we deliver the most advanced knowledge in the fields, including but not limited to business, engineer, healthcare, and more. Covers the cutting edge topics, such as Business and AI Ethics, Innovating the future with robotics, IoT and AI. 

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