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Sinolink provides a wide range of services to bridge the gap between the East and the West. In the last decade, Sinolink and its subsidiaries have partnered with leading institutes in the UK, China and beyond; in the areas of medical training, education, culture and art, international tourism and shopping. With well-developed connections and extended networks in the UK and Europe, Sinolink is aiming to provide tailor-made education programmes for diverse professions globally in healthcare, art and culture, concierge,  education and research sectors. 

Sinolink Education designs programmes to fulfil the purpose of professional improvement, career development, different culture adventure, interest nurturing, family bonding, fresh knowledge gaining, and so on. We work with top education and research institutes, along with pioneers in the industries to enrich the training content. The programmes, online or on-site in Europe, will not only be lifelong memories for participants, but also be a stepping stone for the brighter future in education and career advancement.

Our Programmes

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Online Training Programmes

Healthcare Education

Educational Gardening

Internatonal Education Trip

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Foundation Programmes

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