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International Education Trip

The world is full of great views. Here you start your journey of exploring the world from your interested angle, with the best mentor in the field.

You immerse, experience, and learn from the best;

You laugh, love, and have great fun with people from all over the world;
Here is where your future takes off to the next brighter destination.

What we offer

Theatre & Performance

The theatre and performing arts in the UK and in Europe, have always been the pioneer and admired globally. There are top performing schools, actors, theatre festivals, and productions. Sinolink connects you with top performing universities in the UK, west-end theatre and festivals to provide quality training contact for the participants.

From the programme, you will participate in:

Workshops by the hosting university;

Visit west-end theatres and see popular shows;

Professional acting training;

Festival experience;

West-end and Off-west-end play experience.

International School Camp

The best holiday for the children and the parents

It is a globalized world, like it or not, the skill of cross-cultural communication is essential for modern life. Have a summer in Europe with the local residents, to experience the cultural difference, to learn how to express your ideas to the ones from different cultures. To enjoy sports, study art, visiting the most famous museums and galleries, to admire the masterpieces you only see in the book or on the screen. The international summer camp is an opportunity for children, teenagers, for the family to experience European education, to improve cross-cultural communication skills, to open the horizon and to enrich your life experience.

We can design programmes:

In the UK and the popular European countries;

The programme can be themed with sports, arts, acting, language study, courtesy, horse riding, etc.;

Visiting museums and galleries;

Family times;

Multi-cultural background environment.

Try out the career! 

Before you choose your subject in your dream school, first experience what it is like to be a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher, a business leader... Pre-college career camp leads you through the potential professional path and prepares you for the further international job market.

Working with the top universities and the industries, this programme will offer:

The subjects of medical/healthcare, law, business, teaching, etc.;

Professional consult from university career center;

Internship/observership in the leading institutes of the related subject;

Interaction with college students, young professions in the field;

Meeting with peers from all over the world.

College Friends
Doctor Teaching on Seminar

Advance your profession

The most cutting-edge knowledge, the advanced industry information, the international network.

This is the opportunity to boost your career to a better future.

Europe is not only the most popular tourist destination but also the financial centre; the heart of fashion and design, the cradle of the modern legal system; the most active scientific research and practice hut; in the leading position in the healthcare system and higher education system, and the center of art and culture. London, Paris, Amsterdam, Milan, Berlin and other world-known metropolitan provide the best opportunities to advance your career and profession. Sinolink works with the leading institutes to provide tailor-made programmes to boost career opportunities for the participants with cutting-edge industrial knowledge, advanced academic theories and valuable international networks.

The programmes:

  • are offered to participants who are in a junior or senior position of their career path and willing to advance their career to a higher level;

  • work with leading universities and institutes in Europe;

  • welcome applications in subjects including medical/healthcare; legal sector; art and culture; international business and finance; engineering; etc.;

  • open to special requests for group training.

Chalkboard with Different Languages

Language Intensive Training

Being bilingual is an essential skill for the globalized market, and multi-lingual is the desired talent. By improving your language skills, this will benefit your career opportunities and extend your social network globally. There is no better way of improving your language skills than by intensively immersing yourself in a local environment, with supervision from a leading language teacher.

This intensive language training programme provides:

  • language choice with location options: English, French, Italian, Spanish, German and more;

  • tailored training content for the participants: pre-teen children, teenagers, higher-education students, adults, and professional foreign language training;

  • classroom training plus teaching on occasion and interaction with local speakers; 

  • company training and team-building to improve international communication skills.

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