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International Clinical Observer Programme


Applications Open NOW!


Sinolink Healthcare is delighted to finally be able to start accepting applications onto the observership programme after what has been long past months due to COVID-19. During this time all NHS Hospitals have had to suspend these programmes whilst they concentrate on combating the global pandemic.

Whilst most NHS Hospitals are still currently reviewing when they can safely resume these programmes, one of Sinolink Healthcare's partner hospital is proud to be the first and currently, the only one able to begin accepting applications now.

Hence, there are very few placements available at the moment with thousands of applicants fighting for it. 

Observership Programme Details

The clinical observership attachments have been designed to give the observers exposure to UK medical practices, which allows the observers to gain better knowledge and understanding of the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK within the observers' specialty.

The programme in the NHS hospital is a comprehensive short programme, and because it is a teaching hospital the observers will be able to access the library and select seminars/lectures (subject to availability under current restrictions). 

The length of the programme will be a minimum of 4 weeks, the final length of the observation programme will be discussed between the applicant and the consultant.

The specialties which are open to apply now include but not limited to: Critical Care, Gynaecology, Oncology, Orthopaedic, and Nursing.

On successful completion of the observership programme, the observer will receive an attendance certificate and a letter of recommendation.


Application Requirement

This programme only accepts applications from applicants with:

  • a Professional Registration

  • fully Qualified

Application Process

1.    Completed Sinolink Healthcare Application Form
2.    Please email the completed CV to Sinolink Healthcare:

3.    Please indicate the preferred start date, programme duration, and whether you will require accommodation in your email
4.    Sinolink Healthcare will contact you to confirm the details as soon as we can.

5.    Sinolink will invoice you for full pre-payment*

6.    Once the placement is confirmed you will receive a detailed list of mandatory paperwork and other requirements. All outstanding paperwork will be due at least 8 weeks prior to avoid any delay in your start date. 

7.     Apply for a visa to come to London by the agreed start date

*In order to progress with your application, we will require full pre-payment in advance. Once your application has been submitted to the hospital and they are unable to offer you a placement for any reason, a £50 Admin Charge will be retained and the remainder of your pre-payment will be refunded in full.


What Sinolink Healthcare will provide

•    Matching the applicants with a consultant in the NHS hospital to host the observership
•    Programme design and set-up with the consultant
•    Manage accommodation (private room with private bathroom) for the international observers in London
•    Manage hospital administration process for observers
•    24/7 Emergency Contact


*Sinolink Healthcare does not provide food, shopping, or travel within our fee, but provides help and information for international observers to settle into life in London as soon as possible.

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